Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Changing Learning/ training practices at IT companies

Now it is time of C2C campus to customer .
Satyam is going to reach campuses and inculcate values in Human Capital from the day 1 after the offer letter is severed – a pre joining learning interventions – Campus Link is initiated through selected vendors, where Associates can benefited , by the time they join the corporate a major transition shift is expected in technological skills.
Business in IT service market is in a new paradigm shift, clients are outsourcing critical technical consulting and business critical to companies like Satyam, TCS , Infy etc..
Thus old body-shopping business model is stagnant, these are the days of fixed bid projects, conducting services to customers customer..
Every organization the bottom line is derived from front line, in any project the major tasks will done by Entry Level software engineers, so expectations from a fresh engineering graduates are tremendous , more emphasis are given to skills to take up roles.
So concentrate of adding skills to your resume , start creating profile , should be able to learn self ..
It is time Self Learners !!!

Looking for Self learners …

Monday, February 4, 2008

The End of Land

Other day I was in Kanyakumari .. The End of the Land, a new blue ocean begins !! , is it a real end ? no! is it a real beginning ? no! in life we sometimes think we have done it ,completed it ! did we really !!! , are we starting a new beginning every day !!