Friday, November 21, 2008

Recession tips, how to keep sailing forward in this economic slow down

We all know the whole world is under the turmoil of slow down, liquidity crunch, work force sizing down, and pink slips.
Economy of the country depends on the economic situation of the individuals.
This topic is to share your valuable experience to face the see through this testing time.
Let me start with some tips, that I personally follow – believe me a penny saved now is like saving 100 bucks…
Look for stability don’t try to hop companiesDon’t’ do risky investments..Don’t’ buy expensive and unnecessary items ( don’t’ buy for just buying)Keep track of your credit card billsDon’t visit malls, pubs and cine complex (indirectly you will be spending more)Try to pool car to go to officePlan your travel in advance ( can get discounts in air lines)Keep track of your bank statementsLook in to housing loan statementsHang around holidays in park or at house
Be contended in what you have, don’t’ take any kind of loan, especially personal loan
Try to write how much you are spending every day ( if is 10 bucks, then also you write)But don’t’ forget to smile ……