Monday, April 1, 2013

Building right product a new mindset

Today most of the Software is build for a domain where we are not sure about both problems and solution.  So there is uncertainty in all phases of software development. In the context of software development being a complex adaptive systems, how testing should align with this changing paradigm of known to unknown?  It is calling for a fundamental change in the approach of a test engineer’s role &responsibility. The test objective, strategy & approach needs to transform to address the reality in the world, cannot be inward out! Testing should be the way to transform Unknowable – Unknown – Knowable – Known cycle.  It becomes important to ask, are we testing the right  ‘it’ before testing ‘it’ right. 
Recently I read few books The lean startup, four steps to the epiphany, Pertotyping at work .  This enabled me  to  question and provoke  our fundamental beliefs of software product development   and provided views and perspective of  - Complex adaptive systems, Cyfen learning dynamics, ‘Pretotype – Google way’
By the way I become a big fan of this Fake it before make it...