Sunday, May 11, 2008

US - slowing down ?>%@#$%@#$%YES or No????

Hi ,
I was away to US for 3 weeks, did visit SC, PA , Chicago, Pittsburgh.
Most of the hyper markets, malls were empty, I was told spendthrifts are rare scenes.
People are loosing jobs; pay checks are not enough to take care the house hold expenditure. Debtors are in real trouble, are not able to pay house loans, vehicle loans, personal loans etc.. no body is venturing or taking any risks ,people are advised to go slow and pay back all the debts.
Is this sign of slow down? Who is really concerned? Where is the money?
These are perplexing question , but one thing is sure being in IT services company it is going to pinch out F&B.
Tips for IT folks :
Look for stability don’t try to hop companies
Don’t’ do risky investment
Don’t’ by expensive and unnecessary items
Keep track of your credit card bills
Don’t visit malls and cine complex (indirectly you will be spending more)
Try to pool car to go to office
Plan your travel in advance ( can get discounts in air lines)
Keep track of your bank statements
Look in to housing loan statements
Hang around holidays in park or at house

But don’t’ forget to smile ……


Anonymous said...

really good one

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i don't think it is really true