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SAP fundas

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What to expect!
Here we can check all ERP Software. Regarding SAP, we get lots of TIPS & TRICKS, ABAP tables, Forums, Question & Answer and important Tools with latest Articles and News. What you have to do, just enroll yourself and enjoy the benefits of this site. Also check out for latest Books, Training CD’s.
Here we get different types of questions in all Modules, download ABAP eBooks & find books. This site is helpful topics such as ABAP, BAPI, ALV programming, SAPscripts, SmartForms, CATT, LSMW, DMS and other IMG stuff like MM, LE, SD, PP, APO, WF, HU, PM, PS, QM, HR, FI, CO, BW and BC.
In this website, we access and submit Training Materials, Documents etc. and also network through different forums. It has direct Links to SAP Website, like SAP Help and SDN Network.
You can have a chat on hot topics and exchange ideas with other SAP fans working on SAP R/3 products. You can also acces articles, FAQ's, Tips and Tricks in all Modules.
You can access through various topics such as SAP Forums, Online SAP Training, SAP Articles, SAP Jobs, SAP Tutorials, SAP Books, SAP Links, etc….
By using this site you can get the SAP Details such as Events, News, Training, World Wide Sites, SAP Labs, SAP Magazine, SAP Screen Saver, What is hot in SAP and many more topics.
This is a site where we get information about SAP and related tools like Netweaver. You can also access forums, links of other SAP sites, Books, SAP Learning, Country specific issue and ABAP Developments.
Its a dedicated Search tool on SAP, where we get all SAP relevant Information, like News, Knowledge Exchange, Careers and many other topics.
Here you can Browse by SAP topics like APO, BI, Business Strategy / Planning, FI, Logistics and many more. Also you can subscribe for SAP-Daily-Briefing, SAP-Jobs, SAP-White Papers. There is ABAP coding for different types of Report CODE section.
In this site you can get SAP Journals. This Site contains a listing of useful documents and SAP Notes in Downloads Section. Also there is section of all SAP related Conferences and Events. But very few things are FREE here.
This is official Website of SAP, where you can get all information related to SAP.
This is the official publisher of technical and strategic books for the SAP community. On this site, you will find a wide range of titles to help you master SAP technology and complete key SAP projects more efficiently.
This is the SAP official website for SAP Developer Network, here you can register with company mail ID and enjoy the benefits of this Network. It is highly recommended to Register yourself.
This website presents SAP configuration tips and explanations. There are articles (whitepapers) and guidelines on topics. You can get the latest SAP news and views. In SAP R/3 Configuation section you can get relevent definition with screenshots. But This is not intended to be a discussion or question/answer forum.
This is a Website, where you can get PDF, PPT and SIM files on various topics in Learning section. It has also Chat facility to interact with SAP professional.
This site is basically dedicated for ABAP. Here you can prepare yourself for certification exam, but for this you have to be a paid member.
Here you can register yourself to get SAP tips, Training, SAP Library documents.
This site has good collection of ABAP-BASIS but also it captures the functional Modules.
This site is listed with SAP approved Software in PDF format. (List updated 24 January 2007).
This is a dedicated site for SAP-HR. You can find here documents related to HR.
It’s a Purely SAP Security site, but you can also access some Tips & Tricks section.
It’s a global community of professionals and expert users of SAP products and related technologies gathered for the purpose of sharing their knowledge and professional experiences.
It’s ESRI oficial Website. ESRI works closely with SAP on joint development projects to provide GIS functionality to SAP solutions including spatial analysis and visualization.
This is a dedicated site for BASIS, where you can get Forums, Handbooks, Downloads and many other.
It’s a ABAP development site with variety of standard reports from almost all modules and many other technical details.
SAP INFO is the SAP magazine and is available in English and German in printed and online editions.
Extend the reach of SAP solutions with Interactive Forms based on Adobe software.
Here you can find ABAP Code, SAP Notes, OSS Notes, Important Tables and many more.
Here you can get the information about SAP and XML integration and many other related topics.
You can find SAP Case study of different Industries.
Would you like to go for SAP certification, go through this "SAP Consultant Certification Policy".
32 - Duet related info
33 - Info on hardware certfications by SAP

this is compiled by Rama Sharma Leader in Satyam SAP Practices


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