Friday, December 26, 2008

My Dreams in 2009

In dreams begins responsibility" - choice, evidence, and changeMy general wish / desire / dream

a) Let the planet be more green – less carbon foot print

b) Let there be no hatred among the fellow beings

c) Let every one have enough peace of mind

d) Let this economic slow down be over very fast

e) May every child get enough time to play

f) May every youth get a job of desire

g) Let every elderly generation get lot of attention and affection from the loved ones

i) May happiness fills in every women in this earth

j) Let nature don’t get angry

k) Let Indian cricket team be number one in the world

My New Year's Resolutions for 2009:

I resolve to stay unresolved;

I promise to not be too promising;

I swear to not stop swearing;

I will focus on feeling unfocused;

I agree to be disagreeable;

I give my word to have words with people;

I maintain that I am high maintenance;

I declare that I will make declarations;

I will opt to keep my options open;

I will have exact change for when madness takes its toll.

People who know me will affirm that I was doing this stuff already -- so it should be easy to keep doing it. :-)Cheers

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