Friday, June 19, 2009

Oracle Application Testing Suite
Oracle has entered into an agreement to acquire the e-TEST suite products from Empirix, a provider of Voice and Web application testing and monitoring solutions. Empirix's e-TEST suite is a set of Web application testing solutions that help customers deploy higher quality applications more efficiently and at lower cost. The e-TEST suite products will be incorporated into Oracle Enterprise Manager and Oracle Real Application Testing, and the combination is expected to result in a comprehensive solution for testing packaged and custom-built applications.
OATS (Empirix) products include:
i. e-Manager : Test Process Management Tool
ii. e-Tester : Automation and Regression Test Suite
iii. e-Load : Performance Test Tool

e- Manager: For the monitoring of deployed Web applications, an easy-to-use, comprehensive tool that allows you to organize, document and manage the entire testing process.
e- Tester: For functional and regression testing. The e-tester functional testing tool for web applications allowed web testing professionals to quickly and easily script and execute test scripts for web applications.
e- Load: For performance and scalability testing, it is a performance testing tool that enables accurate testing of the response times and scalability of web applications and web services. e-Load can simulate hundreds or thousands of concurrent users, executing real business transactions, to analyze how well web software applications will perform under load.
Key Features
e- Manager Features:
e-Manager Enterprise – A process management tool on which customers can build and organize their entire testing processes, it allows these customers to define testing requirements, specify and execute manual or automated tests to validate those requirements, and then manage the defects that those tests uncover. The test process is unified through a single platform which gives the customer a comprehensive way to manage quality as a process. Issue Resolution, Tracking, Monitoring and Report Management process.
e - Tester Features:
e- Tester – A functional and regression testing tool for automating manual functional testing processes, the product uses a novel point-and-click approach to building Web application test scripts, making test script development uniquely easy for testers of all abilities, if developers choose to write code to develop their test scripts. It includes an integrated extensibility module and provides a full-range of code-based validation capabilities.
e- Tester having the following automation features:
- Data Driven Testing
- Exception Handling
- Re-Usable Components
- Regular Expressions
- Check Points and Output value
e- Load Features:
e- Load – A load and performance testing tool for validating the scalability of a customer’s Web applications. It is the industry’s first collaborative load testing solution that can be fully accessed through a Web browser interface, enabling distributed teams to collaborate in real-time to run and analyze load tests. It can emulate hundreds of thousands of virtual users accessing a customer’s application simultaneously and can measure the effect of the load on application performance, allowing the customer to make critical decisions about architecture and infrastructure. It provides of performance monitoring.
Supporting Technologies
ü Web /Web Service Applications
ü PeopleSoft
ü Siebel
ü Oracle Fusion Applications
ü Oracle Flexi and JD Edwards Enterprise One
Cost Benefits comparing (HP vs OATS)

OATS (Empirix) POC Support
ü Empirix POC team provides the support to RFP’s in terms of (OATS).
ü Showcasing to prospective customer.
ü Supporting (Technical & Business) Teams.
ü Build competency / capacity in Test Management / Functional Automation / Performance Testing.
ü Empirix POC team provide the trainings

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