Monday, October 15, 2007

Interview with Paul Clement

Excerpt of the interview of Dr.Paul C Clements, PhD happy reading!

Paul C. Clements, Ph.D.
Senior Member of the Technical Staff- SEI
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Good afternoon Clement Are you enjoying the Archcon 2006 workshops?
Clement: It is always great to be in Satyam, the kind of enthusiasm you people show makes us connected with you! Its great job inviting all expertise in Architecture especially partners and vendors and having knowledge sharing and learning, I am also learning!!

What is your current role in SEI?
Clement: I am into Software Architecting initiative of SEI, setting out duties, skill and knowledge for Architectural need of corporate house and architects like you. Currently I am enjoying my time in IIT Mumbai.

Where do you see the maturity of Software Architecture?
Clement: Indeed, it has matured a lot; it was very difficult to create a niche of architect then, architect was monolithic, no flexibility. In olden days the Assembly language programmer will have implicit architecture in their minds it is not presented in any format, as programming language evolved in a spiral, Software Architecture too. The architecture is influenced by the III Generation and IV Generation languages, now Architecture has more flexibility, reusability and it is no more monolithic. Lot of happening in this area, Enterprise orientation, business orientation, service orientation etc...

Lot of discussion on SOA?
Clement : You are right , lot of discussions are made on SOA , but we have to accept SOA is not any new rocket science, it is old wine in new bottle , your CORBA’s DCOMs are all in the line of SOA , for me SOA is just style!! Look for it, it is a real candidate!!!

Is the cost of Architecture is increasing?
Clement: Cost will definitely increase if Architecting is not done!! Cost is increasing in all the areas!!

How we can get a best architecture for a given context?
Clement: Sit with all stake holders, get their inputs have a meeting, cut a balance between technology and business, end of the day your architecture should optimize business results!! It is not fare in going behind technology and models unless you can bet on ROI!!

Prasad: For fresh engineering graduate what kind of Architecting skills are required?
Clement: It is a good thought? SEI is working on set of desired Duties, Skills and knowledge that Architect aspirant should have, once it takes a shape surly we can share with you people. In brief they should be good learners, innovators, should have passion and of course good problem solvers.

Any tips for existing software architects
Clement: - learn – learn, sharpen your knowledge weapons, please learn how to use sharp weapons, because some weapons wrong usages will DISTRUCT!!

It was nice talking to Clement, it was a quality time discussing with you, sorry to steal few minutes from a coffee break of ArchCon2006!!

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