Monday, October 15, 2007


ArchConf 2006 – Learning

There was immense learning and sharing in the ArchConf2006. We could meet and interact with Architects from Satyam, customers and external speakers. Through this article I would like to share few takeaways.
Theme of the conference was “Architecting solutions for the agile Business”.
All the speakers addressed on Architecture that connects multiple platforms and technology like BPM (Business process modeling) and SOA (Service oriented architecture).
Most of our architects, partners and costumers discussed on SOA in length and breadth, according to them this will be most preferred candidate in future for solving complex agile business requirements especially if reusability and integration is the key for the business.
One of the clients’ (BP) presentations has given us lot of food for thoughts beyond Enterprise solutions.

My learning on SOA- Service Oriented Architecture:

SOA is not a technology it is a style of enterprise architecture that enables the creation of applications that are built by combining loosely coupled and interoperable services.

(SOA) expresses a business-driven approach to software architecture that supports integrating the business as a set of linked, repeatable business tasks, or "services". Services are self-contained, reusable software modules with well-defined interfaces and are independent of applications and the computing platforms on which they run.
Eg:- Service consumer request for the service and the Service provider responses, here consumer is not bothered about the interfaces and channels through which it is getting serviced. Analogy: Dabba walas taking Tiffin from houses to Offices in Mumbai.

SOA helps businesses innovate by ensuring that IT systems can adapt quickly, easily and economically to support rapidly changing business needs. - meeting agility

SOA is not a product, rather an architectural style. Several vendors offer products which can form the basis of or enable SOA, particularly Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) products. ESBs provide infrastructure that can be purchased, implemented and leveraged for SOA-based systems.

Service-oriented architectures are not a new thing. The first service-oriented architecture for many people in the past was with the use DCOM or Object Request Brokers (ORBs) based on the CORBA specification.

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