Thursday, July 23, 2009

Agile beyond Software products! Survival of 'Agile'

than building agile frameworks aournd IT services, we need to be agile in our supporting functions like HR,Marketing, pre-sales, CS, N&S etc.. It will be excecllent to have product back logs, time boxes, right prioritized buisness values for our support functions! your thoughts! how product back log of HR/ marketing look like?
Indeed we need agile beyond software products. I'm not sure exatly what it should look like. First of all maybe we should stop speaking about 'supporting functions' and not look upon IT- and business functions as two separate things. Although businesses can evolve without IT and could benefit from using agile/lean principles. While businesses is developed using IT, we need to assure IT is aligned with the business to achieve true 'business agility'.
We need better transparency between enterprise architecture and software product development. Enterprise architects and business analysts need to understand that the BIG design up-front and the huge requirement specification covering all details is not the solution. And 'agilistas' need to understand that there is more to achieve than the one and only product and that processes, tools and documentation are needed to some extent.
Communication rather than EA frameworks, processes and tools, so to speak, as stated in the manifesto. Although the latter is also important.

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