Saturday, July 18, 2009

OATS - E-load features unleashed

About OATS
Oracle Application Testing Suite is a comprehensive test suite for Web application testing and monitoring. Oracle acquired “Empirix –e TEST suite” on June 6th 2008, and repackaged it as ‘Oracle Application Testing Suite’ (OATS), which is a part of Oracle Enterprise Manager.
Oracle has complementary products and a shared focus on lowering cost and delivering higher quality of service.
OATS products include:
i. e-Manager : Test Process Management Tool
ii. e-Tester : Automation and Regression Test Suite
iii. e-Load : Performance Test Tool
About e-Load
Oracle Load Testing for Web Applications allows you to easily and accurately test the performance and scalability of your Web applications and Web services. Oracle Load Testing for Web Applications not only stresses your application to simulate the impact of end-user workloads, but also enables rigorous validation that protocol-based legacy client server testing tools cannot provide. Its integrated scripting platform cuts scripting time in half, eliminating weeks from a project’s testing schedule. Oracle Load Testing for Web Applications is a component of Oracle Application Testing Suite, the centerpiece of the Oracle Enterprise Manager solution for comprehensive testing of packaged, Web and service oriented architecture–based applications.
e-Load for Load Testing, Performance Testing and Tuning for Web Applications
The following are the performance testing products:
i. Open Script : Scripting platform for creating automated extensible test scripts in Java
ii. e-Load : e-Load for Performance Testing and Monitoring
e-Load supports most of the performance counters (OS, Servers, Web Resource, Application, etc.,), for more details refer the document in Annexure – A link
e-Load: For performance and scalability testing, it is a performance testing tool that enables accurate testing of the response times and scalability of web applications and web services. Using e-Load we can simulate hundreds or thousands of concurrent users, executing real business transactions, to analyze how well web software applications will perform under load.
The realistic usage scenarios in Oracle Load Testing for Web Applications can handle even the most complex Web applications. By utilizing a unique virtual users capability that encompasses many parameters (including configurable browser types, connection speeds, and think times), testers can interact with the Web application just like real users will to understand exactly how the application will scale under peak load conditions.
Oracle Load Testing for Web Applications can also be used to test the performance of Web service interfaces by simulating thousands of concurrent clients accessing SOA-based applications. Easy to use and accurate, Oracle Load Testing for Web Applications maximizes your application performance by giving you the ability to tune your application under peak load conditions.
e-Load Key Features
v e-Load – A load and performance testing tool for validating the scalability of a customer’s Web applications. It is the industry’s first collaborative load testing solution that can be fully accessed through a Web browser interface, enabling distributed teams to collaborate in real-time to run and analyze load tests.
v e-Load can emulate hundreds of thousands of virtual users accessing a customer’s application simultaneously and can measure the effect of the load on application performance and it provides of performance monitoring.
v e-Load gathers the critical performance metrics to identify bottlenecks. It Simplifies accessibility with an intuitive Web based user interface. Allows distributed users to share testing results during test run/execution.

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