Friday, August 16, 2013

Why blame and critique #SAFe?

 This is my response to #Ken ( #Scrum ) and # David (#Kanban)

Everyone has an opinion and everyone has the right to share it, creative criticism is a welcome. I am sure there are more room under Agile umbrella.
“Being a consumer of Agile  ( I find a difference in perspective people using Agile and people use Agile for living), it’s about mere commonsense on what is required to bring a business excellence in the given context.  It’s a no brainer that problems plaguing large-scale Enterprise include communication and coordination errors at multiple levels people, process  as well as technology integration and infrastructure issues.  In large Enterprises Programs are complex with multiple LOB/ teams / legacy involved, also importantly  large programs are driven by disruptive technologies like Mobile, cloud etc..,   

Synchronization of multiple touch points and early integration testing form the two key ingredients in large-scale programs, and SAFe suggest ways to solve many issues that may arise during these stages – Portfolio->Program->Team.

It’s quite natural  that people look at something which  resonates to their context.  The timing and messaging of SAFe hits bulls eye, no wonder it’s the talk in the town.  You asks CIO of  any large organization  ( fortune 100 -50), what bothers them is show me the success of Agile? Let us wait and watch if SAFe is able to show something, as any consumer does, we will look for a new FACE..”

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