Friday, June 5, 2015


Agile-India is Asia’s largest & premier international conference on Agile and Lean Software Development methods. AgileIndia 2015 conference held between 25th and 28th of March, focused on scaling agile & lean methods in Large Enterprises.  This year the conference attracted 850+ delegates from 43 different countries. The conference is organized by Agile Software Community of India (ASCI), a registered society founded by a group of agile enthusiasts and practitioners from companies that practice Agile Software Development methodologies.  I was part of Organizing committee of Agile India, got opportunity to interact and rub shoulders with multiple thought leaders in the space of Agiity.
I also did present a paper with Alok  Spee2 Value..  you can watch the video here

Speed-2-Value Abstract

More connected consumers, automated processes, and sophisticated analytics place unprecedented demands on IT functions. Many Enterprises are struggling to cope-up, as they seek to deliver on new demands by adding piecemeal elements to their existing operations. This is easier said than done. Reinventing the IT function at Global Enterprise requires far-reaching changes, from talent to infrastructure, tools, delivery models, partnership model. Speed to Value brings a holistic view of IT across the value stream, Plan- Build – Run and   brings strategy & levers, to 'renew' Enterprise IT to be responsive and help Business in realizing the business cases quickly. Key themes discussed in the session were about challenges related to large and complex Enterprise IT,. This session was well received and gave participants insights into the challenges faced by large Enterprise IT in their quest to accelerate Business Value Realization, key levers such as Lean thinking, Design Thinking, Value stream orchestration, Enterprise Agile, DevOps, and IT4IT and the approach for Speed-2-Value.

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